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Taraba state Lady known as Fuhmap Madaki Theophilus, air out a post on her Facebook page concerning Taraba state Rappers on the 9th of July 2022.

 "Na only Online rappers we get for jala" she said on a post.

Taraba state is a blessed city with an amazing talents, who  can defend and stand for the entire Africa when it comes to rap and other genres of music.

Something might have push this Young lady to throw out such post to all Taraba state prolific Rappers, thou her reasons are best known to her.

Cos there's no how a city would be blessed with the likes of rappers like, Bossman, Yerimz, Jeblinx, Kanki and Lot's More who have served the playlist and ear of beautiful Taraba state people through rap but one come out publicly to say we only have online rappers.

The above is the post made by the young lady.

Beautiful people and followers of Tarabastate Entertainment industry What can you say about this scenario?

Drop yours comments as we voice it out.

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